"Rather than imposing a specific swing on all her students, Camille tailors her instruction to each individual's needs.  Like all great teachers, she excels at finding and communicating new approaches to teaching the game to players of all levels, while always maintaining a fun and light atmosphere. Working with Camille not only improved my game but more importantly improved my enjoyment of the game."  - Jeff Brownscheidle, IBM Engineer

"Camille not only shared her extensive knowledge about the golf swing, but also helped me mature my mental game and the way I view the game of golf. She has been such a great teacher and mentor in my life." - Sarah Rhee, University of Washington, Seattle, WA., AJGA, WSGA, PNGA and JRGT Tournament player, member of 2016 NCAA Women's Golf Championship team

"Camille's instruction took me to the next level in golf.  I went from "mega beginner" to "not that bad" which made the game so much more fun for me.  She was able to present instruction in various ways until she found the communication that would give me my "aha" moments. And though I'm sure there were many many many parts of my swing/game that needed fixing, she would hone in on the one or two critical items.  That way I would not be overwhelmed and over thinking, and usually fixing those one or two items would also fix a multitude of other issues. She is fun, she is firm, and she really knows her stuff.  You can be a great golfer and not know how to teach...Camille knows golf and knows teaching." -  Sue Lawless, Manager at Exponent 

“There are golf instructors who know everything about grip, the perfect swing, the latest technology. Then there are golf coaches who know all that stuff AND know how to teach. That's what makes Camille special. She's a great communicator and teacher. She doesn't have a “one size fits all” mentality, but takes the time to learn about your goals, your game, your swing, your personality. I tend to take my swing and the game too seriously. The combination of Camille's easy going temperament, encouraging style, and easy laugh is the perfect antidote for me. She's not only helped me improve by lowering my handicap 15 shots, but has helped me to relax, laugh at myself, and enjoy the game a lot more.” - Miguel Esteban, Photographer